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A redesing for better functionality is under way. We found a very easy to use page builder, so it was relatively fast to rearrange ourselves. A lot more shortcodes, but less sophisticated banners, no banners-in-banners. I will miss that but all in all its a great step forward. The page builder is really flexible. Even

Visualisation tmp

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couch in room

for MOME This post is not really intended for the general public, we create a full blogpost later on about how to visualise a project.

We are on Pinterest!

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We love Pinterest! [ux_banner bg=”#f9a600″ height=”300px” animation=”flipInX”] We are on Pinterest! Please follow! ___ [/ux_banner] Please follow, and never forget to repin! Please tag you images that are related to our products with #kooperoodotco hashtag! How do hashtags work in Pinterest? “In Pinterest, hashtags are only clickable and searchable in pin descriptions and they work

WYSIWYG has been a buzzword for many years, menaning What You See Is What You Get – in relation to computer screens and printed output. The advent of Color Management made it a bit obloselete – today its much more easy to create computer output with the right color than it used to be. Still

OMG, this is weird. But weird may not be a word strong enough. How NOT to deal with beanbag filling Don’t bother watching to the end, its complete waste of time. But it is a good illustration why certain products from far away countries may be soo cheap sometimes. Are we against recycling? Absolutely NOT! Recycling is